Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

This text gives a complete overview of the hamstring muscle group (additionally known as hamstrings) and explains its anatomy, capabilities, and why they’re necessary.

What’s the hamstring?

Hamstrings are a bunch of muscular tissues behind the thigh. They include biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These are often simple to discover when palpating the again of the thigh, particularly close to the knee due to their protruding tendons within the medial and lateral areas of the again of the knee.

As your hamstrings cross your knee and hip joints, they bend your knee and pull your hips again. Hamstrings contribute to practical actions corresponding to strolling and enable you to obtain velocity, power, and agility in lots of sports activities.

Explosive actions, these muscular tissues play a necessary position in shifting the load from the knees to the hips. For instance, a runner’s means to raise off and achieve velocity from blocks will depend on strong hamstrings.

The hamstrings’ job

As a bunch, the hamstrings are answerable for hip extension and knee flexion. Or, in easier phrases, they bend the knee and straighten the hip.

The biceps femoris is answerable for flexing the knee and turning it sideways (when bent), stretching the hips, and tilting the pelvis again.

The semimembranosus and semitendinosus are additionally answerable for bending the knee, straightening the hip, and tilting the pelvis again. Nevertheless, they differ from the biceps femoris in that they rotate the knees (flexed) and the hip medially.

Why are they necessary?

Having ample hamstring power is important for quite a lot of causes.

Damage prevention

An athlete who’s injured can’t train and subsequently can’t enhance his efficiency. Hamstrings play a necessary position in stabilizing the knee joint and sustaining hip and trunk place. Without ample hamstring growth, which is usually related to the overdeveloped quadriceps, the chance of harm to the knee joint and the hamstrings itself is enormously elevated.

The latest research has proven that hamstring stability reduces the chance of harm, presumably due to their position in sustaining core alignment and controlling physique middle of gravity. That is necessary for anybody who’s or does a sport that requires slowing down and altering the route.

Strong hamstrings = extra efficiency

Due to their position in hip extension and knee flexion, they’re among the many muscular tissues answerable for our quick operating. As well as to the hips, they assist push the physique ahead whereas operating by stretching the hip joint. They’re additionally necessary for braking. The stronger the hamstrings, the quicker you’ll be able to cease and alter the route. That is an integral part of athletic efficiency.

Strong hamstrings assist in the day by day life

Whereas it’s important to forestall accidents and enhance efficiency in sports activities or hobbies, the power to carry out day by day duties and transfer higher is essential. Coaching of the hamstrings is necessary due to their position in hip extension and sustaining trunk and pelvic orientation.

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