How to spray paint (5 step guide)

How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling (5 Step Guide)

In this article, we will see the How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling. this article definitely helps you to understand to spray walls smoothly.

Spray portray does not require a lot in addition to paint, a paint sprayer, if it isn’t an aerosol, can, and masking supplies.

Here’s a listing of the provides you’ll need if you would like a full set of spray paint provides to get each job achieved. We will see How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling.

How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling

Spray paint/paint sprayer

The primary step in spray portray is both shopping for a paint sprayer or aerosol spray cans. Try our purchasing information for the most effective paint sprayers in the marketplace. You do not have to spend some huge cash on a great paint sprayer lately.

Attempt a hand-held HVLP paint sprayer for a fast repair for medium-sized paint tasks.

Paint masker

A paint masker is essential for the environment-friendly execution of bigger portray jobs.

Masking paper/movie

Discover nice offers on paper and movie masking by buying on Amazon or your native paint retailer. Cardboard containers laid flat are very appropriate for portraying small tasks.

Drop fabric

A drape protects the ground from paint. If you do not need to purchase an actual kerchief, you may all the time use one thing like previous sheets or blankets.

Masking tape

It’s important to use the proper masking tape for the job. As a result of tape, adhesion is totally different on surfaces like home windows, the white tape typically leaves them sticky.

You will additionally want extra superior 2- and 3-tone paintwork painters’ tape when you’re masking not too long ago painted surfaces. You don’t need the painter’s tape to tear the paint off.

Razorblade / plastic razor blades

Razorblade is an important device for chopping straight tape when masking areas equivalent to home windows. You might discover that your paint store sells small razor blades which might be particularly designed for chopping tape.


There’ll all the time be locations that want a little bit of completion up when spraying giant jobs, and that is the place you want one brush. We suggest an angled brush to hit nook areas.

How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling (5 Step Guide)

Paint thinner/paint thinner / mineral spirits

There’s all the time overspray when utilizing a paint sprayer, and solvents assist take away paint shortly from undesirable areas.

Paint thinners/paint thinners are additionally required when cleansing airless paint sprayers. The proper paint remover is an effective factor when spray portrays.


Sandpaper is near all the time obligatory for a great end. If you don’t sand the floor earlier than portray, there’s a threat that the paint will stick poorly or flake off after a short while.

Electrical grinder

A sander will help velocity up your portray undertaking. There are a number of several types of energy grinders, together with electrical orbital grinders, double-acting rotary grinders, vibrating palm grinders, and belt grinders.


Stencils maintain you within the traces as you spray.

How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling

Under is our step-by-step information on how to spray paint successfully. How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling (5 Step Guide)

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  1. Select the proper spray paint for the job
  2. Put together the floor (sanding, cleansing, and so on.)
  3. Spray the floor
  4. Peel masking
  5. Tidying up / mending

How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling

Step 1 – Select the proper spray paint for the job

Utilizing the appropriate shade for the job is essential. A spray can work simply effectively on smaller jobs, and on bigger jobs, there’s nothing extra satisfying than saving a ton of time by breaking out the paint sprayer.

Which paint kind / which paint shade do you select for the order? It depends upon what you’re portraying. Listed below are the several types of paints and what they’re used for:

Water-based mostly / latex

Latex paint is the commonest shade in immediately’s the world of portraying when it comes to indoor / outside. Wooden stains are typically water-based too, however, they inclined to keep on the floor of the wooden whereas oil stains proceed to take in into the floor.


Oil paint is mostly utilized in residential tasks. Oil paints are extra poisonous than water-based latex and are subsequently used much less and fewer by painters. Oil paints sometimes have an excessive gloss end that may repel water properly on outside tasks.

Nevertheless, oil stains are nonetheless extensively used on wooden tasks worldwide as they incline to have probably the most enticing end.

Stain / varnish

Stain and polish are used to change the color of the wooden and defend it from UV rays and water injury.


Varnish is used to create a tricky and easy end on wooden tasks equivalent to paneling and furnishings.


Polyurethane Typically used to paint trendy cars, it can be used to seal wooden tasks equivalent to flooring and furnishings.

Search for issues like “finest stain for pine” when on the lookout for the appropriate shade for the job. We additionally suggest paints like rust oleum when portraying steel surfaces.

Good high-quality paint typically works higher in spray weapons. Cheaper paint clogs the gun and does not final as lengthy.

Use Amazon or your native paint/ironmongery store to buy the entire provides wanted to your spray portray.

Step 2 – Put together the Floor

Getting ready on the floor is crucial and sometimes takes much longer than the precise spray portray.

Our recommendation? Purchase a shade masking device because it makes masking ten instances simpler. Merely connect the suitable painter’s tape and masking movie to the paint masker and head into the city.

Sanding is near all the time an important step in portraying. The easiest way to guarantee that you’re sanding your undertaking the appropriate method is to search the web for the precise process.

For instance, in case you are portraying an automobile, you will have to use the next grit grade Moist grinding When portraying partitions, think about using a chunk of 120 grit sandpaper connected to a sanding stick for the most effective outcomes.

All the time sand it proper earlier than portray your undertaking.

Step 3 – spray the floor

Spraying begins by both shaking the spray can or making ready the paint gun for the job.

For spray paint: keep in mind to learn the label on the precise spray paint product. Completely shaking the spray cans ensures an extra even end is properly used to the top of the can.

For spray weapons

Some HVLP Spray weapons You might want to dilute the paint with water or paint thinner earlier than spraying. Excessive Effectivity Airless (HEA) sprayers normally require priming, and hand-held turbine sprayers linked to an air compressor have to be set to the proper PSI earlier than spraying.

Necessary: Straining the paint with a paint strainer will be sure that the sprayer doesn’t clog. If at any level your paint sprayer stops spraying paint, there could also be a blockage within the system that wants to be resolved to utilize the strategy advisable to your paint sprayer. Skinny layers / mild layers all the time guarantee a high-quality end.

Making use of the primary coat / the primary coat of primer

After you’ve got shaken your can of spray paint or prepped the paint sprayer, it is time for the enjoyable half.

Let’s discuss concerning the expertise: All the time maintain the paint can or gun perpendicular to the floor you’re portraying, about 30 cm from the floor.

Once you’re portraying with a can of spray paint, it is typically okay to spray on the fly. Nevertheless, when portraying partitions within the open air, think about using the 50/50 technique. What’s the 50/50 technique?

The 50/50 technique means you spray again 50% of what you simply painted for full protection.

So that you first spray a whole line of paint down or over the wall after which spray the subsequent line of paint so that fifty% of the primary line is roofed by a second line.

This makes portray fast and efficient. Should you’re unsure what we imply by the 50/50 technique, take a look at a YouTube video on how to correctly spray partitions.

Earlier than you begin spraying, you must also take a look at the spray paint tips about a not noticeable space to make certain they’re working correctly.

How many coats of spray paint? It depends upon the undertaking. For instance, portray drywall requires 1-2 layers of primer and 1-2 layers of paint. When portraying an automobile, you want 1-2 coats of primer, 1-2 coats of primer, and 1-2 coats of clear coat. You must by no means hesitate to apply a second coat.

Keep in mind to add a prime coat /Clearcoat when portraying tasks like vehicles for the most effective outcomes.

Step 4 – Peel off the masking

Peeling paint Masking may be achieved instantly after making use of the paint if This may be achieved without falling on one thing like carpet or some other object that’s tough to take away the paint from.

The drying time depends upon your particular undertaking.

Step 5 – clear up / mend

Cleansing includes cleansing the paint gun (when you used one) by the producer’s suggestions. You could learn the instruction guide fastidiously to keep away from damaging your paint sprayer.

Should you’ve sprayed a room or bigger space, a contact-up paint could also be wanted to get the right paint job for a cheerful buyer. Touching up the spray paint is finished with a brush and touching up is straightforward.

To touch up the spray paint with a paintbrush, load the tip of the comb with paint and blot the paint on the world that was not painted.

You may additionally need to spot glowing and sealing areas after spraying for good outcomes. With the paint accumulation, you might want to do some ending work grind. Hope you guys understand about How to Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling by reading complete (5 Step Guide). If you still have any doubt comment below…