How to install Discord themes

How to install Discord themes

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be discussing how to install discord themes and everything that you need to know about them. So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What is Discord? It’s a chat service. But what does it do differently than other chat services like Skype or WhatsApp? Well, for one thing, you can make your own custom theme by changing the background color and adding user icons to your profile. Here are some tips on how to install themes in Discord.

In this article, we describe the process of installing Discord themes and how to get the most out of them. We also explain how to choose the right theme for your business and what features are important to consider when selecting a theme.

How to install Discord themes?

You can install discord themes from the discord website. To do so, just go to your downloads folder and look for the file named Then unzip it and you should be able to find all the files in the folder. After you find them, you can copy them into your discord folder by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘copy’.

Download Discord themes: You can find a ton of free Discord themes at There are a variety of different types of themes that you can use, such as free, premium, and paid themes. Choose the one that you think is best for your business.

Install the theme: After downloading a theme, you’ll need to install it on your Discord server. Follow the steps in the video below to install the theme.

Customize the theme: After installing the theme, customize it to fit your business’s needs. Add custom icons, custom colors, and custom fonts.

This blog post will show you how to install discord themes. How many people use discord as their only messaging app now that Facebook has made its chats unsearchable? There are all sorts of awesome ways that you can customize the way your account looks on Discord with awesome backgrounds and cool-looking avatars. These all help bring our communities together even more! Themes really spice up the experience

Installing a Discord theme is not a complicated task. However, some people might find it difficult to change the look of their Discord app. If you are one of them and want to learn how to install a new Discord theme, then read on! In this article, we will show you how it works.

We’ll be using Arc Discords, but any other themes that work on Windows should also be compatible with macOS and Linux! First of all, open your desktop client and click on settings:

Then select Themes: From here you can download and apply new themes: Browse through the available options and select the one you like best: When you see a preview of your selected theme, you can click on Install: You will then see a prompt asking for your permission to download the theme.

Make sure you have selected Allow in Discord’s settings > Appearance so that it grants access. Otherwise, the new theme won’t work! After a few seconds, you should be able to see your Discord look like this: In case Discord alerts you about an update when you try to install a new theme, make sure to first disable it before applying the theme. After updating, open your settings again and re-enable Auto Update for themes!

You may also want to close and reopen your app after installing or updating a theme so that everything shows up correctly. And that’s basically it! Changing the theme of Discord is actually a lot simpler than you might have expected.

Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and try one of our Arc Discord themes! If you encounter any problems, feel free to leave us a comment below.

How to change the language in your Discord app?

Discord has become very popular among gamers all around the world. With over 150 million registered users, this voice and text chat app is easily accessible from any device – including your desktop PC! This hybrid between Skype and TeamSpeak allows friends or even entire guilds to communicate with ease while having fun at the same time!

There are also tons of cool bots that can be added to your servers, such as a dice rolling bot or a fun music bot! Now, if you’re wondering how to change the language in Discord, then we have got you covered.

In this article, we will show you how it works – regardless of whether you want to use English or not! Installing a new language for Discord is very easy and only takes a few seconds.

Let’s start by opening your app: Then go ahead and click on the gear icon from the left side menu: Scroll down until you see Language, which should be right underneath Appearance: Click on it… and select Add Language: Here you can choose between adding another language alongside with English or instead of it.

If you want to add a new language in addition to English, select Add from a different location: From here, simply browse through the languages and select the one you like best:

After choosing your preferred language, just click on Done at the bottom right corner. When prompted with a message that says “A restart is required for Discord changes to take effect”, click on Restart Discord.

In case the app doesn’t automatically restart itself after closing, launch it again and close it once more – then open it for a second time! You should now see that Discord is showing everything in your selected language. All menus, buttons, etc., are displayed in your choice of language!

If you don’t want Discord to show English anymore, just repeat the process once more – but this time select Don’t show English. Click on Done and restart Discord one last time! And that’s all there is to it! Now you can quickly change between your preferred Discord languages whenever you want by following these simple steps.

What are some cool Discord bots?

Since its release in May 2015, the free voice and text chat app for gamers has become extremely popular among gamers across the world. With over 150 million registered users, Discord is not only accessible from any device, including your desktop PC, but it also encompasses a ton of features that make communication easier.

You can easily create servers and invite friends or entire guilds to talk with each other through text and voice messages! And the best part? Discord bots provide additional and very helpful features that you can access by simply typing “/” followed by the command name. Fun fact: You can also rename your server’s prefix so that it doesn’t say “Server Name” all of the time, but something like “Battlestar Galactica”, for example.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Discord bots we always come back to, whenever we need help with anything: Dyno is basically a multi-functional bot that provides lots of useful commands – from fun ones like fortune-telling and haiku poetry to more helpful commands such as a simple dice roller and easy statistics.

Best of all: Each command is customizable! So if you don’t like something, just remove it from your server and add anything else that fits your preferences better.

Fortune is another fun Discord bot with tons of features – including randomized riddles for those who enjoy solving mysteries! It also comes with some useful commands such as the famous “cat fact” function or an ASCII art generator. Pick A Card allows you to pick a random card from any set, which might come in handy for casual card games among friends! Rythm is basically a music bot that can play pretty much any song you throw at it while featuring cool yet simple commands to control the playback however you like.

If you want to remove better discord but don’t know to do this then must read How to Uninstall Better Discord

Sync your Discord with Twitch or Steam?

To sync your Discord with either account, simply head over to your general account settings page in the Discord app. From there you should be able to pick one of the two services and follow their instructions for associating yourself with that service (For example you might need to confirm your email address).

Once you’ve done this on at least one device, return here and continue with the guide below.

How do I get a Discord theme?

After you’ve logged into either your Twitch or Steam account from the general settings page, you will begin to receive a daily dose of awesomeness. You’ll receive a randomized theme that will show up somewhere in your Discord app based on our server’s timezone.

Discord 2021 themes are available to download once you have linked your Discord account to a Twitch or Steam account. Follow the steps on this page first, then return here for the easiest way on Earth to get your snazzy new Discord theme. Read more about how theme syncing works here.

We know what you’re thinking: “But wait, I have both accounts linked! Do I get themes from both?” Well lucky for you we have got that covered as well! If it’s currently Monday at 9 AM GMT then yes, you will be receiving two themes instead of one, so keep checking back each day! Remember though, systems usually take a little while to sync so hold tight and check back soon. Themes usually show up within the first hour of every day (4 AM GMT).

For those who would like to know, we pull your themes from Discord’s Daily Randomiser which is currently located here (follow the link and scroll to the bottom where it says Daily Theme Randomizer).

Nope! Once you’re done with this page all you’ll need to do is wait for your next theme. If you want to be sure that we’ve synced and downloaded a new theme then simply restart your app and repeat steps three and four listed above, but instead of waiting for sync, check out your awesome new theme as soon as restarts.

The themes are currently tied to your system time, so if you’re wondering why it isn’t showing up yet then wait a few hours. Once your theme hits, you’ll be the envy of everyone in the office.

How do I get a custom theme on Web Discord?

First, you need to be the owner/manager of a server. You’ll know it’s yours if you see your server id at the end of the URL (eg. )

After that, head to and hit “Connect”. Then click on your user icon in the top right corner and select Server Settings: Next, click on Appearance > Themes: Paste this link into the “Custom Theme URL” field then press Save Changes: Press the Open Customizer button to launch a website with theme editor so you can edit current theme colors or add new ones.

Finally, download files from inside the editor and upload them to your server using FTP or file manager page: You can add any amount of images hosted on the Internet. We recommend using short URLs with no services like Google Drive, Dropbox… so you don’t get banned for bandwidth abuse:


In this blog post, we’ve covered the basics of how to install Discord themes. You can find more information on all aspects of theming in our support article! If you have any questions or need help setting up a theme, reach out and our team will be happy to assist.